Barracuda Features

It’s comprehensive  software that’s simple, smart and reliable.

Increase Number of Applicants

Have you ever wished you had more hours in the day? With extensive automation process from Barracuda Campus, you’ll have more time to focus more on your prospect students you didn’t realize you had. We’re not altering reality — we’re just helping you make the most of every moment. By ensuring none of your operations are underutilized, you’ll be able to recruit and operate at full capacity.

Automating the Campus

With Barracuda Campus, you will get better and accurate result. Our campus management system employs one of the most effective methodologies for cost cutting by eliminating bureaucracy, reducing time, reducing resources , controlling quality and improving overall campus operation and process.

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Billing Made Easy

Barracuda Campus student billing module is integrated with the central platform from the administration office database, allowing real-time student billing based on enrollment, tuition fees, hostel or other revenue generating transactions, ensuring better payment tracking.

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Realtime and Easy Reports

The realtime reports is a reporting tool-set that provides you with a quick overview of the real-time data. It gives a quick view of the percentages of revenues and each students option with basic graphs and charts.

Hassle Free Registration Day

Barracuda Campus makes it a breeze to manage student registration. With our proven & agile implementation methodologies, Barracuda Campus speed up the process from document check to the collection of student ID and handbook in 5 minutes.

Admission Module

Barracuda Campus takes care of the students profiling. The data entered through the admission form are stored for future retrieval.

Finance Module

Barracuda Campus finance module provides comprehensive features to manage finance of the entire institution.


Academic Module

Barracuda Campus employs powerful courses management with unlimited option.


Barracuda Campus covers the entire automation of registering examination information and online grading.


Reducing the staff & paper works, this hostel module will keep the updated records of students, room vacancy, and other facilities.


Barracuda Campus offers an ultimate solution in managing regular books along with all kinds of media including journals, and more.

Learning Module

Learning module provides systematic file sharing management on learning materials for lecturers and students.


Keep track of your marketing efforts in building better relationship with prospects.


Alumni module offers a series of administrative tool that helps in strengthening the bond of the institution with former students.

Student Portal

Student portal gives access for students to review their profile, courses, examination information and many more.

System Admin

System administration module helps in facilitating the usage of barracuda in your institute.

Custom Modules

We also can customize the modules based on your organization standards and requirements. Contact us for details.

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