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Trusted by over 60 education institutions, Barracuda Campus industry-leading capabilities set the standard for an ideal application to enhance operational activity and accelerate business execution.

The Ultimate Solution for Campus


barracuda takes care of the students profiling. The data entered through the admission form are stored for future retrieval.


Academic Overview

barracuda employs powerful courses management with unlimited option.

Hostel Management

Hostel management module offer a full featured system to efficiently manage the entire residential facility in the institute. Reducing the staff & paper works, this hostel module will keep the updated records of students, room vacancy, and other facilities.


Learning module provides systematic file sharing management on learning materials for lecturers and students.


Alumni module offers a series of administrative tool that helps in strengthening the bond of the institution with former students.

System Administration

System administration module helps in facilitating the usage of barracuda in your institute.


barracuda finance module provides comprehensive features to manage finance of the entire institution.


barracuda covers the entire automation of registering examination information and online grading, making the package the best solution for your organization.

Library Management

barracuda library management module offer an ultimate solution in managing regular books along with all kinds of media including books, magazines, journals, CDs, and many more. It will also maintain all acquisition register, stock register, reports etc.


Keep track of your marketing efforts in building better relationship with prospects.

Student Portal

Student portal gives access for students to review their profile, courses, examination information and many more.

Custom Customization

We also can customize the modules based on your requirements

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